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Success Management

Accurate business intelligence is the key to achieving structured long-term growth. To become an industry leader you need to understand - and anticipate - your clients’ needs and expectations.

Tradersoft has the practical experience, range of tools and the strategic vision to directly assist you with your business development.

Our Success Team has a proven track record of helping brokerages to grow and expand in one of the world’s toughest and most competitive industries. We deliver a complete customer service package that covers every aspect of building and developing a profitable online brokerage.

The Tradersoft Success Team will help to maximize your core brokerage’s performance, launch new brands and increase your share of the fintech market.

24/7 Support

As a Tradersoft partner you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re covered by our 24/7 Support. We leave you free to focus your time and energy on building your brokerage and increasing your share of the market, safe in the knowledge that your entire operation is fully underpinned by Tradersoft.

Our experts are on hand every day of the year, ready to troubleshoot, problem solve, or provide professional advice and assistance. Our software is continually monitored in-house to guarantee your security and satisfaction - and the optimal performance of your brokerage.

Our comprehensive monitoring system covers three key aspects of your trading platform’s day to day performance:

  • Billing
  • Customer service
  • Intelligent Technology (IT)

The extraordinarily high standard of our global support service is one of the pillars of the Tradersoft experience. It’s also one of the qualities that established us as an industry leader.

Development Services

The fintech markets are in a state of constant evolution and development. Tradersoft doesn’t try to react to new trends, we aim to anticipate them - and where possible create them.

We invest heavily in our development services and have succeeded in recruiting some of the industry’s finest minds to our teams. Our proprietary systems consistently outperform any alternative IT solutions and we are determined to remain leaders in the fintech field.

Tradersoft trading platform products are the result of a unique collaboration between skilled software engineers and top investment specialists. We’re confident that our new features such as advanced trading tools and products, payment solutions, VOIP and BI reports, marketing widgets and our affiliate program software is the best you will find anywhere.

Business Consulting

Tradersoft partners can tap straight into our wealth of business experience and specialist fintech market knowledge. Our financial experts can help you to avoid the usual pitfalls while establishing a successful brokerage. They will put you on a professional footing from day one and share their expertise and insights.

You will be able to instill a culture of aggressive competitiveness, efficiency and professionalism in your brokerage and aim to rapidly increase your market share.

Our Services

  • Business model (structure, management, regulations, etc.)
  • Business strategies & Trading fundamentals
  • Sales & Market training
  • Implementation of Tradersoft systems and ongoing tech preservation & business guidance

A key element of the Tradersoft business philosophy is simplicity, efficiency and streamlined coordination. Our systems avoid the replication of effort and cut out wastage and unnecessary expenditure. We will help you to achieve a seamless product assimilation and smooth launch, building a strong foundation for future growth.