CRM WEB & CMS Affiliate Program Marketing Tools


Your CRM is the backbone of your brokerage and will ultimately determine the success and profitability of your business. TraderSoft is the only fintech service provider to offer a complete and fully integrated back-office solution. Our CRM systems are tailored to meet your current needs and are flexible enough to allow and stimulate rapid growth.

We deliver a seamless and coordinated customer management process across sales, customer support, billing and marketing. Your operation will not be restricted by traditional silos.

Integrated CRM

We enable you to retain a smaller workforce that gets better results.
  • Telephone, Email, Live Chat, Webinar, SMS
  • Web integration - upload docs, push notifications, etc.
  • Virtual Terminal

Customized User Experience

We provide a cross-channel system, using pre built business processes that span silos.
  • Individual work dashboard including news, protocols, statistics and targets
  • Predetermined auto workflow & procedures
  • Data notification
  • Internal chat system
  • BI reports
  • Training infrastructure


Your website is the public face of your brokerage and the overall quality of the site and your marketing materials is a direct reflection of your brand’s credibility and prestige. Your site is also the first point of contact for new clients and a good site is a valuable retention asset for existing clients.

An effective CMS (content management system) is a vital business tool and not an optional extra. Tradersoft’s CMS allows you to generate and manage content that will convert leads and boost your revenues.

Affiliate Program

Your brand’s affiliate program is a vital component of your online business. A properly managed affiliate program will bring high revenues, but requires skillful handling and close oversight.

Our software is the result of over a decade’s experience managing affiliate partners in the financial industry. We allow you to automatically track the performance of your own team and your affiliate partners from a central location.

The Tradersoft Affiliate Program is advanced, flexible and user friendly, giving you a range of analysis tools and presenting data in clear convenient formats. We also help to prevent fraud by affiliate partners.

  • Affiliate front and back panel
  • Affiliate manager back office panel
  • Aggregate your data for effective customer targeting (fully integrated to our CRM)
  • Manage and track campaigns
  • Clear work interface
  • Supports CPA,CPL, revshare, and hybrid models
  • Prompt and accurate payments
  • Live reporting on affiliate and manager side

Marketing Tools

Many brokerages fail to achieve their full potential due to unfocused marketing. Tradersoft address this issue directly and gives you custom designed tools to gain clear oversight and control of your marketing operations.

We help you to implement effective strategic marketing campaigns, based on existing data. You can automatically track your campaigns as they run, systematically analysing their performance.

When you have a clear understanding of your clients, their expectations, and market conditions it is easier to set attainable goals and boost your revenues. Tradersoft has the experience to transform your marketing results.

  • Integrated email marketing system
  • Ticket system
  • Campaign management and tracking tools
  • Landing page management tool
  • API integration
  • Advanced reports