Your CRM is the backbone of your brokerage and will ultimately determine the success and profitability of your business. TraderSoft is the only fintech service provider to offer a complete and fully integrated back-office solution. Our CRM systems are tailored to meet your current needs and are flexible enough to allow and stimulate rapid growth.

We deliver a seamless and coordinated customer management process across sales, customer support, billing and marketing. Your operation will not be restricted by traditional silos.

Integrated CRM

We enable you to retain a smaller workforce that gets better results.

  • Telephone, Email, Live Chat, Webinar, SMS
  • Web integration - upload docs, push notifications, etc.
  • Virtual Terminal

Customized User Experience

We provide a cross-channel system, using pre built business processes that span silos.

  • Individual work dashboard including news, protocols, statistics and targets
  • Predetermined auto workflow & procedures
  • Data notification
  • Internal chat system
  • BI reports
  • Training infrastructure
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